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 Elsa Krasova Elsa Krasova
 Elsa Krasova Elsa Krasova

in cewek facebook we can grabbed some new pictures of indonesia model,Elsa Krasova .Elsa is Indonesian Model that has long time and many experiences in model career.

Name Of Complete : Elsa Krasova

Nickname : Elsa

Place & date of birth : Field / 4 July 1982

Last Education : Field Hope University

Work : Model, Player Sinetron, Photo model

Career Sinetron : The Rich, Hidayah Jalan Untuk Nama MU, New Penjaga Pantai, Spectre Surely Elapsed

Favorite Musicians : Beyonce

Favorite Film Star : Shakhrukh Khan

Favorite Author :

Tinggi/Berat Badan : 168 cm / 48 kgs

Measure : Shirt : Pants Sulfur : 27 Bra : 36C Shoe : 37

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